Living Wage in the Media and Publications

Please click the titles to read news items and reports or to listen to audio files. “Businesses seek a poverty solution” “Living wage the best way to fight child poverty” “Hamilton should implement a living wage”

CHCH TV: Minimum wage raised

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Monitor: It Pays to Pay a Living Wage

Hansard Statement by Hamilton Centre MP David Christopherson on Living Wage (Jan 30, 2012)

News clip featuring Living Wage Hamilton’s work that appeared on CBC’s The National on February 3, 2012

TV Hamilton Cable 14’s The Opinionators – Public Affairs show Discussion on Living Wage with Alex Johnstone, Ron Corsini and Don Ross starts at 14:00.

‘The O Show’ on Cable 14: Laura Babcock and Loren Lieberman discuss Living Wage

City of Hamilton staff report: Living Wage (December 1,2 2011)

Editorial from the Hamilton Spectator: Living wage: a necessary conversation “Coalition pushes for a Living Wage, not minimum wage”

Prof. Don Wells (McMaster University): “Should Hamilton become a Living Wage Community?”

CHML: Bill Kelly interviews members of Living Wage Hamilton on Friday December 9th (interview starts about halfway through podcast)

CHML News: Hamilton’s Living Wage rate is $14.95

Reports from campaign launch December 9th 2011:

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